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"In exile, all we are. We belong to this path.
And we use it as an ultimate form of being.
The Ideal is definitely established.
The waves always emerges in us".

Fred L'Epée 02.10.1976 (Lausanne- Switzerland) 

"In real life, I belong to the loyalty of being.
As emptiness define it.
I belong to the necessary interruption of the poem.
Is there nothing else to invent that can flow our world?"

The myth of Elegìa is used to explain the geometry of our universe.


Between time and space, the path of Elegy follows an eternal procession. Although this process includes the geometry of our universe, the abstraction with its forms and indefinite lines is towards an ultimately unknown destination and the post-atomic myth of Elegìa. Included in this narrative is the representation of Nature, the path of Elegia and its sense of belonging and farewell.


Elegìa (2011) Motion pictures. Film by Fred. L’Epee and Dimitra Pouliopoulou / Switzerland-Greece / 2011 / 7 min. http://filmelegia.blogspot.com/ || http://vimeo.com/23106686
Film Maker | Short- Film | Visual Arts | Experimental | Documentary | Visual Perception Research. Fred. L'Epée evolves in the visual arts domain. Basically independent, the modality of his work is based on an unconventional cinematic form in order to resuscitate any alterated perception of the visual expression. In the incessant way of persecuting tragically the internal hemorrhage. || Curator of 'In-Depth sea Films' | An Independent Film Laboratory of Art Expression and Perception created by Fred. L'Epee & Dimitra Pouliopoulou.

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